Snowmobile Helmet Fit Guide

Snowmobile Helmet Fit Guide

Did you know that your snowmobile helmet should be replaced every 3-5 years? Whether you’ve been riding for years with the same one or are just getting started and need your first one, you’re going to want to know how to ensure a great fit when it’s time to buy. For many riders, the best bet is to have a professional assist you with getting the right fit. Though if you are shopping online, you’ll want to ensure you have the know-how to have a safe and secure helmet.

At Kalinowski Power, we love riding just as much as you do. We carry a selection of snowmobile helmets and snowmobile apparel to make your winter season the best one ever. See our tips below or contact us today to ensure you have a safe and well-fitting helmet for taking on the trails. When you want to know, what size helmet do I need? We are here to help!

How Should a Snowmobile Helmet Fit?

A snowmobile helmet should fit snugly but it should not be “tight” and it should not cause you any discomfort to wear. Just as important as not being too tight, your helmet must also not be loose. A basic guide to a good fit includes the following considerations.

- You should have a clear sightline when looking in any direction
- You should feel the top pad of the helmet resting on your head firmly
- The helmets cheek pads should be gently pressing against your face
- There should be no gaps between the helmet pads and your brows/temples.

If a helmet is too tight, you’ll probably feel that it doesn’t fit either immediately or after wearing it for a short period of time. A too loose helmet will also wobble on your head and not fit snugly. Be sure to check that you have an optimal fit.

How to Measure Your Head for a Snowmobile Helmet

When you want to know how to measure a snowmobile helmet, we can help. If you are shopping in-store, you will likely be able to ask for assistance with measuring properly, but you may also wish to measure at home to buy online. Either way, the tips below will help you learn how to measure a snowmobile helmet for a proper fit.

What You Will Need - to measure you will need a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string and a standard tape measure.

Where you Should Measure – measure the circumference of your head ensuring that you start an inch above your eyebrows. It is best to have someone assist you with taking the measurement to ensure you are measuring evenly and accurately.

Compare Measurements to a Size Chart – once you have your head circumference you can compare your head size to the snowmobile helmet sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and learn how to size a snowmobile helmet based on your measurements.

At Kalinowski Power, we are always here to help you get the best gear for your snowmobile that keeps you safe and protected. Contact us today or view our online snowmobile gear inventory and get ready for your best winter yet. 

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