How to Install Studs on A Snowmobile Track

How to Install Studs on A Snowmobile Track

If you love snowmobiling, you have likely already heard about the benefits of having studded snowmobile tracks. Adding studs to a snowmobile track allows for a greater amount of control while cornering, improves stopping power and makes your snowmobile safer. Though studding your snowmobile tracks can be a DIY project it is important to ensure that your studs are installed correctly.

Having improperly installed studs can cause an array of problems with your snowmobile including the bending or breaking of studs or possibly damaging the track itself. In this article, we will provide you with our best tips on installing studs on your snowmobile track. If you run into any issues while installing the studs on your track, do not hesitate in contacting Kalinowski Power. Our service department would be pleased to assist you with your track maintenance or the diagnosis of any other issues you may be having with your snowmobile.

How to Install Studs on Your Snowmobile Track

1. Choose a stud pattern – choosing the right stud pattern will help to ensure that you do not have too many or too few studs. There are a variety of pattern suggestions available online and it would be a good idea to search for a pattern based on your specific snowmobile model and track size.

2. Map where you will drill into your track – once you have chosen your pattern, you will want to map out where your studs will go. Some stud manufacturers will offer templates to assist you in ensuring you have the proper placement of your studs.

3. Drill holes – using the drill bit that came with your studs or another appropriately sized drill bit, drill holes into your track where you have marked.

4. Install studs – install your studs onto the track placing them through the holes that you have drilled. Tighten the studs always ensuring that they are not too tight but also not under tightened. The manufacturer of the studs should provide guidance on how tight your studs should be.

How Long Will Putting Studs on My Snowmobile Track Take?

Installing studs on your snowmobile track can be a lengthy process. You can expect the installation of your snowmobile studs to take between 4-6 hours. If this is your first-time installing studs, be sure to give yourself lots of time to make sure the process is done correctly. You may wish to enlist the help of an experienced snowmobile enthusiast who has previously studded their snowmobile track.

How Many Studs Do I Need for My Snowmobile Track?

The amount of studs you will need for your snowmobile track will vary and it is important to ensure that you have just the right amount. The amount of studs you need for your snowmobile track will be dependent on the size of your track. A 137-inch track will generally need 96 studs with a two stud per row pattern while a 144-inch track will take 114 studs. If you choose to place more studs in a row on a larger track you will need to ensure you have more studs. Your pattern will allow you to determine how many studs you need and then you can plan to purchase an adequate amount of studs for your installation.

How Much Does It Cost to Stud a Snowmobile Track?

Installing studs on your snowmobile track is a relatively inexpensive task. Depending on the amount of studs you need it may cost as little as $60 or upwards of $100. The choice of stud manufacturer may also play a role in the cost of your studs. Consider asking for help from a friend when it comes to choosing your studs.

Should I Stud My Snowmobile Track?

Though it can seem like a lengthy process, studding your snowmobile track is a great way to ensure you have control over everything you do on the snow. We feel that studding your snowmobile tracks would be a good idea for many snowmobile enthusiasts but is most crucial for those who race snowmobiles. If you are willing to learn how to stud your tracks it may add to the enjoyment of your time on the snow.

Can I Purchase Pre-Studded Snowmobile Tracks?

If you are looking for a more controlled ride on your snowmobile without going through the work of studding your snowmobile track, you may find that purchasing pre-studded snowmobile tracks is the right choice for you. In some cases, installing your own snowmobile track studs will provide you with superior performance, but this may not be necessary for all riders. Another option for reducing the time it takes to install your own snowmobile track studs would be to purchase tracks that are pre-drilled and ready to be studded.

Can I Remove Studs from My Snowmobile Track?

If for whatever reasons you find yourself wishing to remove the studs from your snowmobile track this will not be an issue. You should be able to remove your snowmobile track studs by loosening the studs. Keep in mind that the holes will always be there, but this will not impact your ability to use your snowmobile without the studs.

Keep Your Snowmobile Running Efficiently

Installing studs on your snowmobile track may be a one-time job, but it is important to ensure your snowmobile is adequately maintained to ensure you have stress free winter season. Consider reaching out to the experts at Kalinowski Power for assistance with your regular snowmobile maintenance or repair.

Along with servicing your machine, we also carry a large selection of snowmobile products including top-of-the-line snowmobile apparel and snowmobile racing gear. We also carry used parts for any replacements you may need for your current machine. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer or even come take a look at something new. We are passionate about all things motorsports and are always ready to help you take your outdoor experience to the next level. 

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