Must Have UTV Accessories to Maximize Your Time Outdoors

When it comes to owning a UTV, there are nearly endless possibilities for how to use it. Along with a variety of UTV uses, come endless after-market accessories and options to enhance the performance of your UTV. Whether you use your UTV for hunting or need a UTV that does it all in both work and play, there are sure to be a variety of accessories that will make the functionality of your UTV even better.

Must Have UTV Accessories to Maximize Your Time Outdoors

At Kalinowski Power, we are passionate about all things powersports. We carry a wide variety of UTV and UTV accessories to help you make the most of your time outdoors. In this article, we outline some of our favourite must-have UTV accessories that we know you will love too.

Our Favourite UTV Accessories

Cargo Boxes – if you don’t get anything else, get a cargo box for your UTV. This accessory is incredibly versatile and allows you to bring with you whatever it is you need. From spare parts and safety equipment to tools and personal gear, a UTV cargo box is a must-have accessory. Everyone could benefit from additional storage on their UTV.

Hunting Accessories –  there are a variety of UTV hunting accessories that can make your hunting trips more enjoyable and efficient. Mounted gun racks are a top pick for any hunter who uses a UTV. You may additionally wish to consider other hunting accessories such as deer hoists or even roll cage bags to allow for even more storage on your UTV.

Cooler Bags – a mountable UTV cooler bag is a nice-to-have accessory that you won’t regret adding to your UTV. A cooler bag comes in handy for anything you wish to keep cool such as drinks or food and is a convenient option that works seamlessly with your UTV rather than a clunky and awkward traditional cooler.

Winch – a winch is a must-have accessory that can get you or someone in your party out of a sticky situation. A winch with a synthetic rope is one of the top accessories you can get for a UTV and is well worth your consideration. You’ll thank yourself immensely when it comes time to use it.  

Safety Accessories and Spare Parts – safety accessories such as a first aid kit and a utility knife are a great idea to purchase for your UTV. You never know when you will need these tools to help you or a passenger. In addition to personal safety equipment, consider common spare parts to help you get yourself out of mechanical trouble. Tire repair kits, belts, and even a spare axle can be extraordinarily helpful if you end up stuck and far away from help.

If you aren’t sure what you need for your UTV, contact us. We have the experience to help you kit out your UTV with all the accessories you need to make the most of your time outdoors. From finding a UTV for sale to finding your perfect UTV gear, we’ve got you covered. 

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