Do ATV Tires Have Tubes? What You Should Know About ATV Tires

ATV tires are made to withstand all sorts of terrain helping you to get a job done or simply have a blast outdoors. Having good quality ATV tires can enhance the performance of your ATV, making it more dependable or even more fun. But what are ATV tires made of, are ATV tires tubeless, and which type of ATV tires for sale should I choose?

At Kalinowski Power, we are passionate about all things powersports. We want to help you make the most of your ATV and are always here to help you choose and source your perfect ATV tire. In this article, we will outline a bit about how ATV tires work as well as provide guidance on which type of tire would be best for you.

What You Should Know about ATV Tires?

ATV tires are made from heavy six-ply nylon and are suited for a wide range of terrains and applications. They are designed to operate with low tire pressure which makes their off-road performance ideal. ATV tires are made to resist punctures yet are still lightweight. Their durability is complemented by their ability for quick accelerating and breaking.

Can You Install Your Own Tubes in ATV tires?

Do ATV tires have tubes? Most don’t as in many cases the cons outweigh the benefits. If you are considering installing tubes in your tires, it is possible to do so. But you might not want to. By adding tubes to your tires, you could cause issues such as valve stem breakage. Additionally, tires with tubes are not as simple to repair and could cause you to get stuck. For simplicity in repairing a flat while outdoors on a trail, we suggest avoiding tube tires. If your ATV has tires with tubes and you need assistance with your repair, tire experts in our ATV service department would be pleased to assist you with your ATV tire repair.

How Can I Know Which Type of Tire to Choose?

When it comes to choosing ATV tires it is a good idea to consider how you plan to use yours. Smaller tires may reduce the overall speed of your ATV but can make its acceleration quicker, while larger tires will do the opposite, boosting your top speed but reducing your acceleration. If you need more traction, wider tires may be right for you. Larger tires may also provide you with more clearance if this is something important to you. If you are new to ATVs, it may be a good idea to ask for an expert opinion on choosing your ideal tire.

If you aren’t sure what type of ATV tire is right for you or whether you should consider tubes for your ATV tires, don’t hesitate in reaching out to the experts at Kalinowski Power. We look forward to helping you make a great choice. We carry a wide section of ATV parts and accessories to make your ATV experience better. 

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