How to Change ATV Tires at Home

Getting new ATV tires is fun and exciting and there is no doubt that the challenge of changing them over on your own can sound fun too. But should you change your ATV tires at home? There are many reasons why you might not want to change your ATV tires at home and the most important one would be your own personal safety. Preventing damage to your tires or wheel is an important consideration too.

How to Change ATV Tires at Home

At Kalinowski Power, we are committed to helping you make the most of your outdoor experience. We know that many of our customers are hands-on and want to be involved with the maintenance of their ATVs. In this article, we outline the basic steps of changing your ATV tires at home. If you’re up for the challenge, it can be a worthy task to complete. If not, our ATV service experts would be pleased to assist you with changing your tires safely.

How to Change ATV Tires

Changing your ATV tire can be broken down into three main steps. Though it sounds simple, many riders find that working with ATV tires can be tricky and it can often be a hassle to do it at home without professional equipment. There are endless videos online showing you how to change your ATV tires at home without proper equipment but many of these methods are unsafe and can lead you to damage either the wheel or the rim of your tire. The three main steps to changing your tires are as follows.

Take the tire off the wheel – taking the tire off the wheel involves breaking the bead of the tire. This can be a challenging task to do without equipment.

Put the new tire on – putting the new tire in place and getting it onto the wheel is your next task. This task is simpler than others and can be done by most without professional equipment.

Seat the bead of the tire – seating the bead of your tire can be tough to do without equipment and may take trial and error to get right.

In our previous article How to Seat a Bead on an ATV Tire  we go a little more in-depth about tire beads and what you should know about both seating the bead and breaking the bead of your ATV tires.

Balancing Your ATV Tires

If you are wondering whether you should balance your ATV tires when you change them over, you certainly can. But this isn’t a necessary step and may not add much value to many riders. If you use your ATV at high speeds it may be a good idea for you. When considering how to balance ATV tires you may wish to look into stick-on weights as this is a quick and easy way to balance your tires. Though they can fall off, stick-on weights can be a good solution for many riders.

There is no doubt that many ATV riders choose to change their tires on their own, but for some, the task is too involved to be worth the effort, let alone the risk to personal safety and equipment. We are always available to answer your questions and ensure your ATV is running as it should all year long.

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