How to Keep ATV Tires from Going Flat

There is probably nothing more frustrating than being ready to get on with your day only to find that your ATVs’ tires have gone flat. If you are having consistent issues with the tires of your ATV going flat you’ll need to get to the root of the issue to determine how to stop it. There can be a few different reasons why your ATV tires are deflating and thankfully a variety of solutions to solve any issue.

How to Keep ATV Tires from Going Flat

In this post, we have compiled some of the most common reasons why your ATV tires are going flat and how to fix them. Always remember that your best defence against issues with your ATV is regular inspection for problems and scheduling of routine ATV maintenance with your trusted and experienced ATV mechanic.

Why Are My ATV Tires Going Flat?

There are many reasons why you might be having issues with flat ATV tires. See some of the top reasons and their fixes below.

Your Tires Are Old – there is no getting around it, ATV tires do not last forever. Depending on how you use your ATV your tires could last as long as 10 years or as little as one year. Driving on roadways and pavement will shorten the life expectancy of your ATV tires and you should be mindful of this. If you’ve been riding on the same set of tires for years it may be time to accept that your issues with flat tires are simply that your tires are old and it is time for a new set.

Your Tire is Punctured – one of the most common reasons for a flat ATV tire is simply that you have a puncture somewhere in the tire. When you have a small puncture it may take hours for your tire to go flat and the puncture could be caused by a nail or screw that is also helping to keep some air in. To know if this is happening to your tire, take a look to see a puncture. If you have one, you can repair your tire with a repair plug kit.

Your Tire Valve is Leaking – a leaking tire valve can be caused by debris like dirt or sand getting into the valve mechanism and preventing it from closing properly. In these cases, you can use a valve removal tool to remove the tire value, clear it, and then replace it. To check for this issue wipe soapy water over the valve and if you see bubbles, it’s leaking. To prevent this issue from happening, always use dust caps on your tire valves.

Your Rim Is Bent – another common issue for anyone who pushes their ATV to the limits is a bent rim. When the rim of your ATV tire is bent it won’t seal properly and will, in turn, cause the tire to go flat. This issue can be remedied by having the rim straightened or getting a new rim.

There are some instances where these will not be the cause of your flat tire problems. Always check with a professional if you are having problems with flat tires that you cannot solve on your own. At Kalinowski Power, we would be pleased to help you troubleshoot your issue and have a selection of ATV tires and parts available to help you get your ATV running smoothly. 

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