Ready for Winter?

Ready for Winter?

Winter weather has arrived early in Ontario this year. Are you ready? Is your car or truck? Just as you have had to find all your winter gear, you need to make sure your car is ready for the cold and ice too.  You can't expect your vehicle to run efficiency if you haven't prepared it to handle well in the winter months.

Get a maintenance check up, make sure you have winter weather washer fluid and an ice scraper. This would be a great time to make sure you have winter tires to provide the kind of traction that will keep you on the road and out of the ditch!

One thing to consider when you are about to head out in bad weather — do you really need to go? If you do have to travel, then here are some ideas for you:

Plan your route, know the road conditions
Let your car warm up — even a couple of minutes will add to the ability of your fluids to flow better
Carry some emergency equipment — a shovel, blanket, jumper cables etc.
Make sure your cell phone is charged — don't drive distracted but if you need to call for help it's no good if your phone is dead
Slow down, drive to the road conditions, watch for plows

Common sense should rule for driving in winter. Getting your vehicle maintained by a certified mechanic at Kalinowski Power is your first step, call to book your appointment today.

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