Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle's manufacturer will have provided you with a list of recommended specifications about how often you should have your unit serviced.  The best rule of thumb, of course, is not to wait until the season is upon you, when you want to use your sled or all terrain vehicle. You get the best performance from your ride when it is primed for action. Then, when you store your unit, give it the once-over again to make sure you're all ready to go.
So what should you do for your sled to make sure you can be out on the trails?

Check the suspension, idler wheels, slides and track.
Check over the motor and change the oil and filter.  if it's a four stroke, and grease all the fittings.
Replace spark plugs.
Check the skis and carbides for wear — replace if necessary.

To keep your ATV ready to roll make sure you:

Change the oil and filter, grease all the fittings
Check your vehicle for any wear and replace any worn parts.

Keeping your ride clean and well serviced will ensure you can be out on the trails.  Recreational and utility vehicles can be a lot of fun but they are no use to you at all if you don't maintain them and they end up in the shop just when the season rolls around. Kalinowski Power can help you with parts, accessories and service for all your vehicles whether it's your car, motorcycle, ATV or UTV. In the Grey, Bruce, and Owen Sound Area we work hard for you and your vehicles so your vehicles can work hard for you!

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